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Booking conditions

You agree on the conditions for renting a room with the hotel. Unless otherwise agreed, the following rules apply. Conferences and parties is subject to separate rules.

Booking and confirmation
Once a reservation is confirmed with reservation number, is it binding. This can be done by phone, in writing or through the reservation system. For all reservations you must provide the hotel with your name, adress , telephone number and email. Please inform the hotel if you need your company name on the invoice.

To order and stay at Hotel Danica, you must be over 18 years old. If you order a room for a guest under 18 years, you are responsible for this person regardless of whether you live in the room with the guest or not.

Arrival and Departure
Check-in is at 14.00 pm on day of arrival. On the day of departure you must vacate the room no later than 11.00 am. The room is reserved until  18.00 pm on day of arrival. If you arrive later, please let us know in advance.

Cancellations and no-shows
The room can be canceled free of charge until 12.00 noon on the day of arrival unless otherwise is arranged with the hotel. In case of no show without cancellation or cancellation later than time 12:00 noon, the hotel reserves the right to charge the guest for the first night. If the hotel has have extra expenses in connection with your reservation, you will also be charged for these expenses.

In case of No Show the following rules apply under Horesta rules:

For No Show in connection with single reservations, the hotel reserves the right to charge for the first night.

For No Show in connection with group reservations, the hotel reserves the right to charge for the entire reservation.

Early departures and stay for an indefinite period

If you have made your reservation for a specified period, but need to departure earlier, this may result in price adjustments. Please contact the hotel and inform your departure date. If you stay at the hotel indefinitely and extend your stay by one day at a time, you must inform the hotel of your departure no later than 11.00 am the day before. Otherwise, you will be charged for a day extra. If the hotel no longer can let you dispose of the room, you must be notified no later than time 11.00 am the day before departure.

Hotel obligations and individual preferences
If the hotel is unable to provide a room as agreed, you are entitled to have ​​an equally good or better room available at the hotel or at another hotel of the same standard. Remember to specify your requirements when you make a reservation. All Hotel Danica rooms are non-smoking. If you violate the non smoking rule, the hotel is entitled to charge you pay for the cost of extra cleaning. If you wish to bring a pet, please indicate this at your reservation of the room.

Payment of the stay takes place at departure. It is also possible to pay the stay upon arrival.

Hotel Danica accept the following credit cards: VISA / VISA , MasterCard , Eurocard , Maestro and American Express.

The hotel will also receive cash in the form of USD , EURO , NOK, SEK, GBP and USD.

Business Customers with Benefit card has the option to settle with bonus points.

Storage of valuables and luggage and valuables in your room
The hotel has a legal right to withhold luggage as security for claims against the guest. Your valuables can be stored in hotel safety boxes. It is also possible to have stored luggage in a locked room. The hotel is responsible for ensuring that your belongings are not stolen when stored at the hotel locked areas. If your property has an exceptionally high value, you must inform the hotel about it – otherwise the hotel is not obliged to replace the full value . The hotel is not obliged to store belongings that are of high value. The hotel has no responsibility for the belongings you keep in your room.

Your own safety
Always be aware of emergency exits, alarm buttons and fire extinguishers. Please read the information folder in your room when you arrive at the hotel. Contact staff if you need further guidance.